Larissa Eremeeva

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Larissa Eremeeva was born in Russia and went on to study art in Belgium. She has been inspired by all the countries in which she’s lived and worked, including the Netherlands and the United States, but she has now settled in the provincial countryside of Abruzzo in Italy.

Larissa’s latest collection draws on the themes of silence, poetry (especially that of Pessoa and Pasternak) as well as just life itself. Infused with texture and expression, her ideas become emotions on the canvas.

She describes her process as “if pictures are tattooed inside my head”, initiating a sequence that defines the style, palette, medium and scale of what she paints and the resulting abstract expressionism becomes an “evocative abstract” for the viewer.

The most important thing for Larissa is that the viewer is stimulated enough to explore their own perceptions of the world and their own emotions through the power of her work.



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