Bruno Sciaraffia

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Bruno Sciaraffia is from Sabaudia in Italy and he had a natural talent and passion for art and design from early on.

Living in Milan in the 70s, Bruno took part in many exhibitions with world class artists such as Magritte, Cortiello, Capogrossi and Brindisi Luoratoll as well as winning 2nd prize in the “Surrealist Painting” competition.

He went on to win the prestigious “Premio Lario Cadorago” which takes place in Villa Olmo and from 1986, his cubism and futurism style has evolved towards what he defined as “Interrelationism”, in which the lines that intersect with the figures unite rather than divide.

Despite most of his work had been oil on canvas and mixed media on cardboard in the past, but he recently dedicated himself to digital art, learning more and more about this world that has captured his attention and curiosity. His one-off pieces are then printed on the canvas for the finished desired effect.



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